Welcome to the Youth Action blog! This blog has been designed by sociology 301A students at the University of British Columbia as a learning aide for students interested in stopping violence against aboriginal women. As part of our final course project, we have designed a set of materials aimed at educating students on the issue of violence against aboriginal women, within a developmental context. A series of interactive lessons will encourage students to think about past and present violence that aboriginal women face as human rights issues. Students will analyze the causes behind this violence, and their place on the issue. Students will learn about current action strategies that are underway to mitigate this issue, and determine how they can use their own skills to contribute as change makers now and in the future.

We are a devoted Canadian non-governmental organization coming in to Canadian high schools to educate students about violence against aboriginal women. We believe that education is at the root of social change, and in order for our society to come to terms with its past and move on to a better future – non-racist, non-violent, educated and aware of the needs of communities, we made it our mission to educate Canadian high school students about violence against aboriginal women in their country. We see ourselves as concerned citizens informing young citizens as allies rooting for the same cause. Students need to get educated about these issues and realize that they need to learn about aboriginal women’s issues but that it is also not their place to speak for them. We wish to teach students how to work with aboriginal communities as allies striving for a better future.


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